Top 4 Essential Power Tools and Their Uses

As the name represents, power tools are equipment that makes your life easier, tools that require an external power source to run. Because of these tools, you don’t need to put much force on your hand or body. They make your work a little easier. They are used either in houses, construction sites, mechanical shops, factories, and everywhere for work where the human hand isn’t just enough, and that work needs more power.

In this article, you will learn about four useful power tools with their uses that will make your life easier.

List of Important Power Tools:


(I) Drill Machine

(ii) Heat Gun

(iii) Electrical Sander

(iv) Electrical Screwdriver

Now Details of those Power Tools. Please Read Below:

1. Drill Machine


The most common power tool found at every house, factory, warehouses, construction sites, and more. Older drills were with a cord that needed electric power to run it, but there are cordless drills that work with batteries nowadays.

These are used to drill in any hard object, either for putting screws and nails. Cordless drills are more convenient. While choosing a drill, you can watch for voltages for selecting the best one for your use; the higher voltage is, the more powerful that drill will be.

The other feature that helps you out in choosing a drill is its torque; the more is the torque, the more it will twist. This twisting feature also helps to mix paints.

In short, the drill is the most useful tool among all the power tools.

2. Heat Gun


As the name represents, heat guns apply heat where it’s needed, like for removing old wallpapers, to dry out paints and wet woods faster.

These sticky substances need to dry out fast, bending plastic pipes and rods, remove dents of vehicles, and thawing pipes that get frozen in winter. There are two types of heat guns one works with gas and the other work with electricity.

Gas heat guns are cordless, whereas electric heat guns are with cords and are more used in industries or houses. They have different temperature ranges from 100-600° Celsius.

While buying a heat gun, you need to buy one that will help get your job done quickly; buy one with a suitable temperature range and more power. Two hundred forty volts of heat guns are most favorable for frequent use.

3. Electrical Sander

Electrical Sander

Sanders is used for evening out surfaces to remove materials either paint from surfaces, smooth out edges, and strip the floor. They work in a circular motion. Different kinds of sanders are.

  • Disc Sander: Consist of sandpaper that is replaceable attached to a wheel. Works for rounding edges of objects.
  • Orbital Sander: It has a sanding surface that works in orbital motion for stripping the floor or wood.
  • Belt Sander: They are used mainly for leveling rough surfaces on a big scale as they are hard to control.

4. Electrical Screwdriver

Electrical Screwdriver

It is a portable and handy tool. Electrical screwdrivers have rechargeable batteries that make them portable.

There are manual screwdrivers at your house, but these power screwdrivers are essential for faster and excessive work.

They have used to put screws faster. You can fix your car, door, cabinets, can hang frames, and can assemble your furniture with this.


Q1. Can’t we use manual tools rather than power tools?

Ans: Yes, you can, but power tools make it simpler and faster to finish your work.

Q2. How many kinds of power tools are there?

Ans: There are so many you need to buy those who are of your use.

Q3. Are power tools only suitable for commercial uses?

Ans: No, not necessarily everybody can use power tools either in their homes or warehouses as they are easy to use.

Q4. Use of power tools can be dangerous?

Ans: Yes, it could be because they work on either electricity, gasoline, or gas, so you need to be alert while using them.


Power tools make your work easier and help you finish your work in less time with more precision than manual work that requires more energy, power, and people. Everyone can use power tools. They have become common nowadays; either you are a labor or mechanic or a DIY project maker; these tools help you complete your work in no time.

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