Advantages & Disadvantages of Hand Tools & Power Tools What’s Better?

Both hand and power tools make your work easier. Both have advantages and disadvantages. 

These tools’ main purpose is the same; use of it depends on your job, needs, and how much you can spend on it because power tools are expensive than hand tools.

Like the generator, once you want to use the generator there have some advantages and some disadvantages. But versatile model generators have some extra advantage. Also, these versatile models different from other model generators.

In this article, we will find out which one of these is better and more efficient to use either hand tools or power tools?

Hand Tools


  1. Hand tools don’t require electricity or gasoline, so they are budget-friendly.
  2. Hand tools have few moving parts; they are simpler, so they are more reliable.
  3. As these tools work without any power and batteries, they can be used anywhere in remote areas where sources of power are not available.
  4. They are lighter in weight than most of the power tools hence easy to move and place.


  1. As these tools work manually, they will complete your task in more time than the power tools.
  2. Hand tools depend on humans, so human error is possible. A less trained person can’t do their work with precision.
  3. To use hand tools skill full people are required.
  4. More force is required to operate a hand tool so it will drain your energy faster.

Power Tools


  1. Power tools run on the power of electricity, gasoline, or batteries. They work on external source hence are more powerful.
  2. Power tools help you complete your job in less time, e.g., for buffing marble floor, if you use a hand tool, it will take much time, but with a power tool, you can finish your task in just a day or two.
  3. Anyone can use power tools as they are easy to use, like buttons for and of. So, less skill full of people can also do this job. 
  4. They have precision as they work on their own free from human error.
  5. Less labor is required as one person can finish a task with the help of a power tool.


  1. These tools can’t work in remote areas or areas where there is the unavailability of any power source.
  2. Power tools are heavier in a pocket; everybody can’t afford them.
  3. Power tools have a complex mechanism with many parts that need care like oiling, checking, and maintenance. If any part fails, you must change it; otherwise, your tool won’t work.
  4. These are equipment that works fast. A person needs to be alert while using these as it can harm you anytime.

What’s Better!

As both aims, making your work easier but which one is better to use depends totally on the availability and kind of work you are doing. 

If you are home-based and need to complete your daily tasks, hand tools are easy for you as they are lighter in a pocket; it takes less space in your house. 

But if you are working on bigger projects like in industries, on construction sites, as a mechanic, in factories, power tools are necessary for you as you have to finish your work on time, precision is required. 

You can also finish tasks with less labor. Hand tools, on the other hand, require more labor and more energy.

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