Visko Tools 703 Claw Hammer (Black)

Need a hand in your craftsmanship? Visko Tools offers you a variety of long-term tools with high durability.  Talking about the easy-to-use products, Visko tools Claw hammers are in town. They are highly rated Amazon products. With unique designs and various models available, these hammers are essential for your day-to-day home works. 


  • The rubber grip gives high durability.
  • The rubber handle prevents sweat after long working hours.
  • A claw hammer Best for prying.
  • A smooth hammerhead provides clean finishing.
  • The solid steel shaft provides unsurpassed balance and temper.
  • The metal handle can produce enough enormous leverage power. 


  • Dimensions: 27cm length, 10cm width and 3cm height
  • Weight: 0.430 gms
  • Model number: 703
  • Material: Steel
  • Color: black


Designed as a nailing hammer, Visko Tools 703 claw hammer offers a smooth flatten end for hammering in nails. A handy and sturdy claw hammer can be used for miscellaneous home duties with its shockproof rubber. Its smooth rubber grip is a lasting feature for its users as it doesn’t let you fall under extreme pressure. This shock-reduction grip can also reduce vibrations.  

Its forked end claw design gives improved nail pulling performance. The curved claw makes it easy to rock when removing nails from the most hardened surfaces as well. The best use for carpenters for pulling out tough rusty nails. Its weight is evenly distributed, which makes it trouble-free for banging on the nail head. The head is fully polished and has a shiny look which is best for finishing purposes. 

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