Tips on Buying a Southland Wheeled String Trimmer!

A beautiful and tidy lawn brings peace of mind, and we all wish our property to be neat and clean. An easy-to-use lawnmower can help us the most in this case. What if a lawnmower includes three features simultaneously, such as mowing, trimming, and edging? Also, you can check wheeled string trimmer reviews.

BLACK+DECKER 3-in-1 Lawn Mower is a remarkable machine through which mowing, trimming, and aging can be worked out perfectly. It is easy to use because it is lightweight and battery-powered. Its powerful engine and outstanding features are easily able to satisfy a user. There will be detailed reviews about this fantastic tool.

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Specifications and Features:




Manufacturer: Black & Decker Outdoor Available with powerful 6.5 amp motor
Item model number: MTC220 3-in-1 features (Mowing, Trimming and Edging)
Product Dimensions: 15.25 x 40.5 x 7.38 inches High-quality lithium-ion batteries
Item Weight: 14.4 pounds, Cutting height 1.6-inch to 2.4-inch
Batteries: 1 Lithium-ion battery required (included) Adjustable handle
Customer Reviews: 4.1 out of 5 stars (5,868 ratings) Easy to maintain

Some Key Points

Advanced components and modern technology have been ensured in producing every part of the machine. That is why it is durable and easy to operate.


The motor plays a significant role in the case of performance of any machine. For that, you need to be sure about the efficiency of the engine of the Mower.

Black and Decker 3 in Cordless Compact Lawn Mower available with a hi-torque 6.5 amp motor. This has made the machine extremely powerful. Due to ultra-powerful torque and cutting string action, it’s covering more ground in less time. You can cut any grass very rapidly and easily using this tool.


A high-quality and strong blade is essential for a lawnmower to cut grass according to your requirement. This is because poor-quality blades do not work correctly and are often damaged and create problems during work. So, before purchasing a mower, you need to ensure that its blade is effective and prepared with better components.

The blades of this Mower are manufactured of high-quality material, which provides smooth work. You will have excellent performance due to its sharp and actual size blade.

Deck size

This southland wheeled string trimmer reviews comes with the perfect deck size. It allows cutting grass with different shapes. It also supports providing the option for sending grass from an end to a mower. Moreover, the Adjustable height deck of this tool is entirely user-friendly and appropriate in size.


The powerful and attractive design of the handlebar makes the look of the tool even more beautiful. Moreover, adjustable length and smooth grips will make you feel comfortable at work.

Pros and Cons



3-in-1 lawnmower, trimmer, and edger, No bag available to catch the trimmings,
Effective 6.5 Amp motor Not for a large lawn.
AFS automatic feed system ensures continuous work without bumping,
Lightweight and easy to use,
The package includes 2 batteries.

Why should you buy this tool?

There are a lot of reasons that you can buy this machine, such as. 

# Easy to use

It is very easy to use as the tool is extremely lightweight at 14.4 pounds only. The weight is pretty low due to most parts being manufactured of high-quality plastic, which most users prefer.

To convert this tool from a lawnmower to a trimmer/edger is quite simple. Step on the pedal, and the primary component takes up from the lawnmower body. Converting back to a mower is just snapping it back into the lawnmower body.

There is a safety switch for the trigger that you have to push before the tool starts. This feature ensures safety for the young kids or operating this machine for the first time.

# Adjustable height

You can cut grass from 1.6-inch to 2.4-inches as you require. An adjustable-height deck will aid you to cut the grass to the height of your choice.

# Battery backup

You will receive two batteries with the tool in the package, which is a pleasure. Having a double battery means you don’t need to worry about charging while working. These lithium-ion batteries take 4 hours for 100% charge and 2.5 hours for 60% charge. You will receive a charger in the package as well.

# Very little noise

Since the Mower is battery-powered, it generates much less noise. The Mower makes ‍significantly less noise than gas-powered mowers and most electric-powered mowers.

# Can be quickly assembled

It is super simple to assemble this tool. This may take you about 10 minutes to open the box and start working. You will only require a screwdriver to fix a screw. The rest of the parts of this mower twist and click together.

# Easy to Store

It is easy to store as the tool is lightweight and small. Just remove the edger portion from the lawnmower body; it can be comfortably hung on the wall. And you can store the body part on a rack as it is small.

After my nursery turner separated a year ago, I found the simplest method to keep gets rid of my tomatoes was to chop them down with a southland wheeled string trimmer. It worked, and I just lost three plants by beheading the entire summer!

Ordinarily, I’m an apathetic man, and I honestly didn’t have any desire to need to tool the whole nursery by hand. My concept of utilizing the weed trimmer came because it appeared as though a primary method to dispose of the weeds, at any rate, down to the roots.

My initial step was to purchase another grass shaper that would make the activity simpler. In the wake of visiting a few home improvement shops and garden traders flexibly, I built up some tips to chose the best string trimmer:

Select the string trimmer that is appropriate for the activity. If you have a modest quantity of grass to manage, don’t buy a beast machine except if you need to intrigue your neighbors. Get the correct one for the activity, and both you and the grass will be glad.

Decide whether you need an electric grass trimmer or a gas controlled gadget. If you are giving a little grass a trim around the ears, at that point, the electric is the correct one for you. If you don’t have a long electrical string, at that point, perhaps a cordless weed trimmer is the solution for your light cutting needs. The more significant part of them will run from 20-25 minutes on a charge.

I like fuel motors on string trimmers since utilizing an electric or cordless machine doesn’t appear masculine. Yard work should take care of business work, and it seems kind of sissified to depend on a trimmer that must be connected to an attachment or runs on a battery.

More significant and more rough landscape requires a giant trimmer with a more massive cutting line, .080 or more significant. If you genuinely have an unpleasant plot of ground jumbled with brush and finger measured trees, you may require a steel cutting edge or a little chain connector that will cut heavy vegetation. Then there are weed whackers masked as yard cutters; grass trimmers on wheels.

We have all observed the TV promotions of a grinning rancher type fellow pushing a stroll behind string trimmer, hectically cutting weeds, trees, and growth as though he were utilizing a bramble hoard. Shrubbery swine is a weighty steel trimmer connection pulled behind a substantial farm truck that can slice through brush and even little trees.

Four-cycle motors: The enormous issue for me with the standard two-cycle engine that has been available for quite a long time is keeping the oil to fuel blend great, which has been practically outlandish for me to do. These little engines never appear to pursue the primary tank of gas effectively.

As of late, I have found the four-cycle grass trimmer that doesn’t run on a gas/oil blend. Deal with it like your old dependable yard trimmer that consistently begins after the subsequent force. Put oil in the assigned space and appreciate the point.

Remember the security glasses! For the unenlightened, that represents What Would John Wayne Do? This line of thinking has not generally served me well, for I have pulverized two or three sets of glasses from rocks and stones kicked up by the trimmer. Buying a southland wheeled string trimmer that you need to mess around with and make the most of your planting or garden work.


Question: Would this be good for steep hills?

Answer: Yes, it will be better for steep hills. Because this tool is extremely lightweight, it is a small frame with wheels that carries a nylon wire weed cutter. Even a one-handed man can efficiently operate this tool.

Question: How close to a wall or a high sidewalk does it cut?

Answer: You have to apply edging mode while trim right along borders, walls, or sidewalks. MTC220 is a 3-in-one tool.

Question: Does it cut thick/long grass?

Answer: It covers but you won’t have better performance for that situation. You may have to pass over thick/long grass about two or three times. The best thing you should do is to apply this lawnmower periodically or in between a regular mow.

Question: Does this come with a charger?

Answer: Yes, the charger is incorporated in the package.

Question: what’s included in MTC220?

Answer: BLACK+DECKER 3-in-1 Lawn Mower appears with the wheeled string trimmer reviews, a plastic base with wheels that you can set the trimmer in, 2 batteries, and a charger for the batteries.

Final Words

BLACK+DECKER 3-in-1 Lawn Mower (MTC220) is a standard tool for a small lawn. You can keep your lawn tidy and elegant with minimal effort. Its advanced components and modern features will make your work simpler and more enjoyable. Hope to provide you with all the information you require about this machine. 

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