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Wooden work, metalwork, electric work, or any work involving fixing, attaching involves placement of screws in it. While fixing and adjusting the screws, one needs screwdrivers. 

In short, every person must use these tools at least once in our life. So, knowing about these is critical for a person to select a job fit tool. There is a different type of screwdrivers that are effective for various type of functions. 

These include a manual or simple screwdriver, power-supported screwdriver, changeable head screwdriver, flat head screwdriver, Philips screwdriver, Philips screwdriver, and Allen key screwdriver. Knowing the bare minimum about these tools, one can surely buy the correct time that suits their needs. 

This will make both the work convenient and investment-worthy. Therefore, below is the required introduction of each type of screwdriver to enhance your knowledge. 

Power screwdriver 

The power screwdriver is usually for the use of heavy-duty construction works. These are best for professional builders as they make heavy work easy and faster. This is the most versatile form of screwdriver available to date. A power drill screwdriver is more efficient as it produces larger torque than any other battery-operated electric screwdriver. Mostly the power and battery-operated screwdrivers make it easier for the user to remove the screws. Most if not all power screwdrivers come with changeable bits making it a feasible tool for various jobs. 

Flat-head screwdriver: 

This is the most recognized screwdriver in the market. As its name indicates, this screwdriver has a flat head and a straight blade. Its composition or design enables it to fit various slotted screw heads. The straight blade is available in many sizes, shapes, and thicknesses. This variety enables the user to use a single tool for various types f screw heads. Having different sizes of blades in your toolbox is beneficial as you choose to change the blade according to the size of the screw head. 

Philips Screwdriver:

These screwdrivers are specific as they are specifically designed to fit and loosen the Philips screws. Philips screwdriver comes with a pointed head shaped in a cross. This design enables it to fit in the cross-shaped slot of the Philip screw gracefully. This type of screwdriver has five sizes of head ranging from zero (smallest) to size four (largest). 

Allen Key screwdriver

These are the big L-shaped screwdrivers with a hexagonal cross-section to fit in the screws having hexagonal indent. These come in handy when you must screw up small screws on big surfaces; for example, this alone can make you set a whole furniture set. Having one Allen Key screwdriver in your toolbox can become handy on most unaccepted occasions. So, having one is a good choice.

Interchangeable head:

Just as the power screwdriver, these screwdrivers enable you to change your head easily and quickly to fit in the task. These are all in one tool as just a swap, and your tool is all set for a different job compared to the previous one. Having one interchangeable head screwdriver eradicates the need for various other tools, making your toolbox more portable and easier to carry.

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