Best Wide Belt Sander for Small Shop

A belt sander is used for shaping and finishing wood and other materials. The best belt sander can cause the user’s job to be smooth and rich. Besides, one of the best wide belt sander for small shop can facilitate the work process easier and quicker. Among the many companies in retail and the variety of tools, the user will prefer the best, which will be safe and user-friendly. For that, you need to realize the features, advantages, and disadvantages of different brands to single out the best one for you.

Here we will review more about the features, advantages, and disadvantages of 10 Best Belt Sanders. Besides, we will also know the different parts of these devices and their working methods. Related answers to all the questions we have when shopping for belt sanders can also be found here. Hopefully, the whole discussion will aid you in finding the best product that is suitable for your work.

1. WEN 6515T Belt Sander 5-inch Sanding Disc, Best for Knife Making & Woodworking


It is a versatile and best portable belt sander, can sand anything confidently you need. The motor is about 2.3 amps providing a good speed of 3160 FPM for the belt. The disc of the WEN 6515T best benchtop belt sander has a special rate of 3450 RPM. You can look forward to sanding what you wish, including smoothing edges, removing fragments of wood, etc., along with its 5-inch disc. The design of the beveling table provides the necessary support for your workpiece. For this, the device is more stable and well-adjusted. The heavy-duty base can avoid any unexpected movement or wobbling during work-time.

This machine can save your time and effort while switching the belts. Sanding even the tightest corners and the most unusual shapes is no more a big deal for this combo sander. This device is conveniently portable and takes less space for setup. But its compact design does not adversely influence performance. WEN 6515T is less of a hassle to clean because of two individual dust ports, which help to reduce dust production in the vicinity.


  • Versatile, Two-in-one belt sander,
  • Easily portable and takes less space for setup,
  • The heavy-duty base can avoid any unexpected movement or wobbling,
  • The device is higher stable and well-adjusted.
  • The tasks can be performed accurately,
  • Affordable price.


  • The beveling table is somewhat fragile,
  • The disc sander is glued on, which makes it complicated to separate.

2.3M – 33575-case File Belt Sander, 457 mm (18 in), Ideal for cutting and finishing work in body repair.


This is a standard tool for the cutting and finishing industry in body repair. The 3M – 33575-case File Belt Sander is compact and durable and provides long-lasting service. It includes a powerful 0.6 HP motor, which is undoubtedly perfect for collision repair jobs. The small shape allows access to tight areas. The entire housing is rotatable, helping the operator turn and rotate the best belt disc sander and the belt for hard-to-reach areas. It is also remarkable for adequate hem flange removal, surface prep, urethane, seam sealer, and weld clear-up.

If you are a professional or regular DIYer, you can choose it confidently. You can carry out long hours using this tool, as it weighs only 2 pounds. The Sander’s weight is balanced throughout the unit, and rotatable housing provides continued comfort and control. Heavy-duty file belt sanders for metalworking bringing reliability into the repair shop. This machine was individually produced for the 3M Cubitron Abrasive Belts. With the recommended belts, this tool is much more practical. It might be an inconvenience, but it is worth the trouble.


  • Available at relatively affordable prices,
  • Compact, durable and lightweight design,
  • Rotatable housing provides continued comfort and control,
  • The small shape gives access to tight areas,
  • Provides long-lasting service.


  • Poor quality knobs,
  • Individually designed for the 3M Cubitron Abrasive Belts, sometimes can be an inconvenience.

3.WEN 6321Corded Belt Sander 7-Amp, with Dust Bag, best belt sander for quickly and easily refinish your wood.


WEN 6321 is a versatile and dependable belt sander. This machine easily debars jagged splinters, removes paint, and finishes edges. It contains a high-power 7 amp motor that rotates the belt at a rate of 820 feet per minute for quick and easy material removal. The front roller extends to reach the leading edge of the housing and allows the belt to match and sand even the tightest of corners. Continuous sanding is possible without expecting a constant grip on the trigger switch due to the lock-in safety feature. The Sander weighs only six pounds, limiting user fatigue during operation due to the lightweight yet robust design.

This tool has a belt release lever for easy sandpaper changes. The dust bag ensures minimal clear-up. An adjustment knob is available to align the belt properly. There is no demand to invest in costly battery packs or recharger stations because it is corded ones. The company offers two years of warranty. They also confirm a nationwide network of skilled and experienced professionals and a social customer service program.


  • Extremely convenient weight and size,
  • The lock-in safety feature
  • Available at very affordable prices,
  • The company offers two years of warranty.


  • A simple tool, not equipped with many unique features,
  • Due to corded, may be needed for some extension cords for outdoor work.

4.SKIL 7510-01 Belt Sander 6 Amp, with Pressure Control. Best choice for hobbyists of all levels and who are new to woodworking.


The SKIL 7510-01 is suitable for use on a variety of different types of wood. 6 Amp motor and Micro-Filtration features will make your project more enjoyable. Its excellent filtration system stored debris in a clear dust canister that can be removed and emptied quickly. So the user gets protection from the health effects associated with sawdust. It has a unique pressure-control system and virtually eradicates the risk of miscalculations and errors. It is illuminating an indicator light when applying the correct amount of pressure to your chosen surface during the sand.

This tool is available as the best oscillating belt sander. But low cost does not reflect on its performance. When you purchase this machine, you get the tool itself accompanied only by a dust collection canister and a vacuum adaptor. It is a cheap tool, and you will be able to buy a carrying case and other accessories easily with the money that will be saved by purchasing it.


  • Available as a budget belt sander,
  • Micro-Filtration features will make your project more enjoyable,
  • Unique pressure-control system and virtually eliminates the risk of miscalculations and errors.


  • Sometimes dust collector doesn’t do a great job,
  • The user has to put on gloves as its grip is not so much comfortable,
  • This cordless Sander can warm up quickly.

5.Makita 9403 Belt Sander 4″ X 24″, Ideal for home and professional workshops for fastest stock replacement.


Makita 9403 is a heavy-duty corded belt sander. It has been specially constructed for the fastest stock removal purpose with the vast 1200 watt input power. The belt rotates at up to 500 meters per minute and is maintained stable electronically. The device has an adjusted weight of about 13.0 lbs. One part of the machine is made in such a way as to get the belt as flush to a corner as possible. This reduces the number of hand sanding required to complete a project. It includes a large front grip that allows the user to operate the machine efficiently. The easy lever control supports the belt changing procedure faster.

This is one of the belt sander standards for home and professional workshops. It has a built-in dust extraction process that can be gathered in a dust bag or attached to a dust extraction system. Makita 9403 uses 4 “x24” belts, which are cost-effective compared to most sanding belts due to their acceptance.


  • It needs only 11amps to work,
  • A large front grip and a cord above the upper portion ensures easy control,
  • Faster belt changing procedure due to the easy lever control, 
  • The built-in dust extraction process,
  • The 4 inches wide belt and speed give quick results.


  • The weight of this tool is a bit higher,
  • The tool doesn’t have a variable speed control option,
  • Sometimes the front roller may get hot.

6. Bucktool BD4801 Bench Belt Sander 4-inch x 36-inch Belt and 8-inch Disc Sander, 3/4HP Direct-drive Motor, Ideal choice for fine wood sanding & polishing.


The Bucktool BD4801 eats away at the burrs of project surfaces using a 5 Amps motor power. The motor shaft operates the sanding belt and disc directly. It is maintenance-free; you don’t have to fix the belt tension. The belt sander component spins up to 2161 fpm and will polish out and complete projects as planned. Both belt and disc sander perform properly and will not stop even if users apply extra pressure on the wood or metal they are working on. The tracking knob on the belt gives users relief from the straps tracking too much to the left or the right. The knob automatically re-centres the belt without a controversy.

The cast aluminium body makes the Bucktool BD4801 a solid and desperate look. There are two separate ports for belts and discs ‍are available in this machine. Bucktool provides a Y-fitting tube, so just one vacuum system is sufficient for both ports. This two-in-one sanding machine has both a 4 x 36-inch belt and an 8-inch disc. Angle adjustable worktable used on both sanding disc and belt.


  • Users no longer have to balance the belt tension or remove the damaged belt,
  • Improved induction motor design contributes 25% better sanding performance,
  • The belt allows itself to easy adjustments from 0 to 90-degree articulation,
  • Independent dust collection port for both the sanding belt and disc. 


  • The aluminium tone is thin due to the low cost.
  • The belt can be irregular when tipped up.

7.Makita 9903 Belt Sander 8.8 Amp, Variable Speed


Makita 9903 Belt Sander links to power and speed with ease-of-use features. It presents the quickest and efficient stock removal with less noise. A powerful 8.8 AMP motor ensures smooth performance. Variable speed control dial (690 -1,440 ft/min) aids to match the speed to the application as expected. This tool is excellent for woodworkers, carpenters, furniture manufacturers, floor installers, deck builders, and general contractors who demand a best-in-class belt sander.

The innovative design of this machine is capable of sanding flush to the wall with the nose and side of the Sander. No need to adjust the belt due to the auto-tracking belt operation. Operator-friendly front grip design provides comfortable operation. The work environment is maintained clean due to the supply of cloth dust bags. It can sand wood or metal and removes paint and rust effectively. Long 16.4 ft power cord helps easier maneuverability.


  • It is double insulated,
  • This sand belt can remove paint and rust,
  • Long 16.4 feet power cord for good maneuverability,
  • Incorporated with a dust bag for a cleaner work environment,
  • Variable speed control dial with powerful 8.8 amp motor.


  • The device may bog down when slight pressure applied on the work surface,
  • Dust outlet doesn’t look to qualify a standard hose,
  • A plastic tool storage box is not available.

8.JET J-4002 Belt and Disc Sander Variable speed, 2-year warranty, for a superior finish.


JET J-4002 combination Bench Belt and Disc Sander constructed to deliver the superior finish. 1/3 hp, single-phase motor drives the disc at a maximum speed of 1,725 rpm and the belt at 3,000 fpm. The design of this machine enables sanding, grinding, and finishing of outside curves or different-shaped pieces. It removes rough patches from work to allow them to be smoother and more attractive. The removable platen causes the belt useful for flattening out curved or irregular surfaces.

For repeatable angles, the mitre table is 45 degrees and is standard for finishing bevelled edges. The machine includes an abrasive edge that can cut through wood and other material, later finish the surface as it takes place. Heavy-duty base, cast construction, and cast iron tilting table make it glorious. Its rubber feet prevent slipping for higher stability and diminish vibration. The dust chute can be allocated to an angle that best keeps the particles out of sight.


  • Fast and efficient,
  • It can be managed for multiple purposes,
  • Superior finishing quality,
  • The rubber feet prevent slipping for higher stability.
  • Cast-iron frame for durability.


  • The power switch is a little boring,
  • The cost is a bit higher.

9.SHOP FOX W1738 37-Inch, 15 Hp 3-Phase Is Sanding Motor, Best Wide Belt Sanders for Daily Industrial Use.


This 37-inch wide belt sander is a king tool, runs by a 15 HP 3-phase sanding motor. It is one of the best wide belt sanders for regular industrial use. SHOP FOX W1738 has some attractive features that make it simpler to use, such as a heavy-duty steel cabinet, pneumatic belt oscillation, and a built-in air filter/regulator. The variable-speed conveyor, adjustable oscillation controls, and flexible graphite/felt platen easily support the operator to identify the proper combination of settings to obtain soft and smooth surfaces on all types of wood.

The variable speed conveyor control box ensures superior controls. This feature also helps reduce any overheating. The solid steel construction causes it highly durable. The user-friendly control panel supports regulation of the speed, depth, height, and everything you can imagine in one suitable location. The Amplifier load meter will signal you to any unexpected conditions and will help take the necessary steps. The state-of-the-art computer-balanced best drum sander will allow getting an exceptionally smooth finish without any complexities.


  • The variable speed conveyor control box,
  • A built-in air filter/regulator,
  • Flexible graphite/felt platen,
  • Solid steel construction causes it highly durable,
  • The state-of-the-art computer-balanced drums.


  • Designed for industrial and businesses purposes and not for individual use,
  • Some people may consider the cost is slightly higher.

10.Astro 3037 Air Belt Sander with 3pc Belts.


The Astro 3037 Air Belt Sander is produced with an extended pulley space to make higher, durable, and thicker belts. This aids make the whole unit longer-lasting and ensure that the belt won’t snap. To protect the user and the tool, it consists of a protective guard that helps avoid undesirable accidents. A superficial belt tension level can help adjust it easily. There is a non-slip handle grip so that the unit does not accidentally slip out of hand during operation. For various types of tasks, speed controls can be readjusted periodically. 16,000 RPM motor speed allows getting your projects completed in less time.

Applying this tool is a suitable way to remove spots welds from components. It’s a quicker and better efficient method than other conventional methods. Moreover, it can be applied for meal prepping, cleaning up welds, buffering materials, and much more.


  • Industry-leading 0.5 HP,
  • Simple belt tension,
  • Variable speed control,
  • Increased pulley space,
  • Non-slip handle grip.


  • It requires constantly oiled to maintain,
  • The wheel carries no cushion, which can make it difficult.

Buying Guide Of The Best Wide Belt Sander for Small Shop


The size of a belt sander is generally measured by the length and width of the belt. Belt sanders that have better coverage ranges are ideal for a small shop. This size deals with a wide sanding area, which is why the task can be worked out conveniently without extra effort.


The platen is positioned on the bottom of the Sander that comes in contact with the workpiece. To avoid creating a wavy surface, it should be completely flat. Speed is the fundamental advantage for a belt sander, through which the stock can be removed faster. The key to maintaining the surface flat during the removal of this aggressive stock is the platen.

Platen is of two types, metallic and graphite. Metal plates are thin and often warped. In this case, graphite plates will provide you with a slightly higher advantage.


The front & rear rollers on a sander need to be perfectly aligned for tracking the belt properly to keep it in the center. If the alignment is not correct, the belt can rub against the housing. In this way, it can damage both the belt and the Sander. Or the belt may shut off the machine completely.

Some sanders come with an auto-tracking feature. This system helps maintain the belt centered on the platen. But you should know how to make adjustments manually after changing the belt on the Sander.

Dust collection

A belt sander usually produces fine dust, which is highly harmful to health. That is why it is essential to have a better dust collection system with it, which will keep you and your work environment clean and healthy.

Variable speed

Depending on your work demands, you may need to increase or decrease the sanding speed. In this condition, a variable speed motor can be helpful. You can make your workpiece more delicate by adjusting it as required.


What is the difference between a disc and a belt sander?

A disc sander smooths wood and is generally applied to as a stationary machine sander. It is often clamped on a table. In the case of a disk sander, you will require bringing the wood piece to the machine to sand. You can adjust the disc sander to specific angles as needed. In most cases, the disc sander includes a dust extraction unit that extracts dust particles generated while sanding. In addition to wood, you can also apply the disc sander for other materials, including plastic, aluminum, and other softer components.

Besides, a belt sander can be both hand-held or stationary. The belt sander consists of an electric motor. It spins a pair of the best drum sander for small shop whilst a seamless or belt-like loop of sandpaper is assigned. The belt sander can be applied as a portable sander. It appears in a different size. A belt sander also includes a dust extraction system that picks up or extracts dust particles during sanding. A sack or bag connected to the tool is often applied to capture the extracted dust.

Can I remove the paint by using a sander?

A sander can remove paint, varnish, and everything else from a surface. You can use it to remove the colour from any existing wooden furniture in the house. However, if there is or is a possibility of lead in the shade, it is better to take the help of a professional.

Can I use a belt sander for sanding a concrete floor?

To smooth the concrete floor, a high-powered belt sander with very strong sandpaper is required. The sandpaper should have a high grit count to obtain the smoothest finish. But a specialized concrete floor grinder is suggested for this operation if there are significant imperfections.

Is a belt sander complex to use?

It is not complicated to handle if you take safety precautions accordingly. A belt sander is like a portable conveyor belt to pass over the surface for the desired finish. Belt sandpapers usually move in one orientation, and you have to make sure you follow the grain of the wood to shape an even surface.

Final Words

One of the belt sanders can make your job easier and more enjoyable. Also, if you manage a small shop, the best wide belt sander for a small shop can help remove stock faster. Hopefully, the detailed discussion will aid you in choosing the right tool according to your desires. However, when using any device, pay attention to its safety precautions. Thanks for reading.

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