10 Best MIG Welder 2021 Reviews

MIG (Metal Inert Gas) welding usually used for joining large and thick materials. Using the best MIG welder, you can weld different types of metal such as carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum, copper, nickel, silicon bronze, and other alloys easily. This welding process makes it possible to work quickly, thus saving both time and money. MIG welding is easier to learn; with just a few weeks of training, it is possible to do the perfect job. Can hold and operate the gun with only one hand, which is why it’s so suitable for beginners.

MIG welding is a welding process that uses electricity to create an electrical arc ​between an electrode wire and the metal being welded. This type of welding process is widely used in industry sectors. This welder ensures flexibility, deposition rates, and suitability for mechanization. It can run continuously for a long time, so it is very effective for industrial activities where high production rates are required. This welding process is also known as Gas Metal Arc Welding (GMAW).

We will discuss some of the best welding machine brands in detail here. Hopefully, this will help you pick the right product.

The 10 Best Welding Machine Brand

1.140 FC-i MIG Welder, 120V, Green.

It is a perfect welder for beginners because of its easy-to-use method. You can dial in the ideal weld due to its infinite voltage and wire feed speed control. Forney Easy Weld allows mild welding steel up to 1/4 inch plate. It is portable, very light in weight- only 19 pounds. You can do maintenance, repair, metal fabrication, and hobbyist projects very quickly by using them.

You can use the machine for a long time because it prevents the unit from excessive heat even after nonstop utilization. Forney Easy Weld 261 is suggested for small auto shops, small farms and ranches, private factories, etc. You can use this tool for a wide range of fabrics containing cast iron, steel alloy, mild steel, copper, and others. For decorative projects, it is an ideal tool. 

All metal cases are durable and large enough to handle 2 and 10-pound rolls of wire. The package includes:

  • An 8′ MIG gun.
  • An 8′ ground clamp.
  • An Integrated handle with torch wrap.
  • A 20A-15A adapter backed by a 12-month warranty.

It is one of the best MIG welders for home use.


  • Runs on average home power,
  • Infinite voltage management,
  • Transportable at only 19 pounds,
  • Wire feed speed control, 
  • Space-saving and compact,
  • Durable and long-lasting metal case.


  • Only compatible with the Forney industry parts,
  • Flux-core possibly a bit tricky,
  • Not dirt-free; you have to clean the splatter. 

2.Weldpro Mig/Tig/Arc stick 3 in 1 multi-process welding machine

This is a 3-in-1 multi-process dual-voltage synergic welder designed for decoration, car modification, equipment, and factory maintenance. Its power is very high due to the presence of IGBT technology. This tool can perform MIG, lift TIG and stick welding equally at a maximum of 200 Amp output. The dual digital display helps to read and set Amp and wire-speed for repeatable weld every time. 

The Weldpro 200 Amp Multi-Process welder is suitable for beginners though it offers something beyond entry-level performance, proper equipment for multipurpose work. With 220V, you can weld up to ¼-inch of mild steel. If you need to work with dissimilar metals, you can use TIG welding. 

The package comes with a reasonable bundle of extras, including a MIG torch (10 ft.), TIG torch (13 ft.), earth clamp, electrode holder, flow meter, gas hose, brush hammer, etc. Comparatively, this is one of the best MIG welders for the money.


  • Equal performance with MIG, lift TIG, and stick welding,
  • 200 Amp, dual voltage 220V/110V, 3-year warranty.
  • IGBT technology, 
  • The dual digital display,
  • Suitable for beginners,
  • Lightweight and compact design,
  • Affordable price.


  • Spool gun not included,
  • Low energy efficiency. 

3. Weldpro Mig/Tig/Arc Stick 3 in 1 Dual Voltage Welder  220V/110V


The Weldpro 200 Amp Inverter 3-in-1 multi-process dual-voltage welder makes you hassle-free of adjusting voltage and wire speed. The machine adjusts both voltage and wire speed together automatically. Users can also adjust by fine-tune voltage independently if they like. 

This is a light and compact unit (30lbs) but provides high power by its IGBT inverter technology. Ensures smoother, cleaner, welds with less spatter compared to other machines in this price range. This machine is capable of performing MIG, Lift TIG, and stick welding equally at a maximum of 200 amp output. Dual Digital display makes it easier to set amperage and wire-speed easily for repeatable weld every time.

You can handle any type of welding job including aluminum by using this multi-process welder. A truly amazing versatile welder backed by a 2-year factory warranty.


  • Includes MIG and TIG torches,
  • Lightweight with additional support to carry,
  • Comes with a MIG gas regulator,
  • Works perfectly on all metal surfaces, including aluminum,
  • Due to inverter technology, it works on less voltage input,
  • Affordable price,
  • 13-foot TIG connection,
  • Easier for beginners due to synergic design.


  • No additional spool gun,
  • Without auto-temperature control/cooling fans,
  • Do not accept the TIG foot pedal.

4. LOTOS MIG 175AMP Mig Welder Aluminum Welding Wires, Solid Wires, Argon Regulator

The LOTOS MIG175 is one of the most versatile and great performance welders. You can able to weld aluminum easily with the spool gun. Its transformer technology makes it reliable and durable. The durable high-quality aluminum wire feeder ensures a stable and better welding experience. For aluminum welding provides a high-speed MIG spool gun that is 10 feet 4 inches long, 4-prong end connection, 1lb aluminum wire with dia, 0. 9 millimeters included. Can weld 3/16″ or thinner aluminum plate.

It is also suitable for welding stainless steel, mild steel, and other metals. Welding capacity- in case of mild/stainless steel: 18 gauge- 1/4″ and in case of aluminum: 3/16″ or thinner including other metal. MIG175 can easily handle industrial standard 4″ or 8″ wire spools and incorporates re-settable overload protection and ensure long operating life.

MIG175 can easily be connected to your existing 220V wall socket and can be set up quickly within 10 minutes. 


  • Comes with a one-year warranty from the manufacturer,
  • Cost-effective,
  • Easy to set up and use,
  • Portable and reliable,
  • The advanced transformer technology enhances the performance and reliability,
  • Suitable for welding aluminum, mild steel, stainless steel, and other metals,
  • Can be connected with the existing 220V wall socket.


  • Perfect machine for fabrication work though not heavy production.
  • Best for DIY not for large or production lines.

5. Hobart 500559 Handler 140 MIG Welder, 115V

The Hobart 500559 Handler 140 MIG Wire Welder is a durable and portable wire feed welder that is Ideal for long-term use.  It is a great choice for an auto repair, home, or farm projects. Running on 115V input power welds up to 1/4 inch mild steel and is flux-cored or MIG ready. The Quick Select drive roll makes installation easier by providing three grooves. Two of these grooves are meant for different size solid wire and the third of which is designed for flux-cored wire. 

It ensures excellent arc performance due to smooth and stable arc on all thicknesses. The industrial cast aluminum wire drive system provides optimum wire feed performance for professional use and durability. Five voltage ranges allow fine-tune the arc. The sloped control panel makes adjustments easier and provides increased visibility to the user interface.

This machine is easier to transport for its increased ability to weld where you need to weld because of its lightweight properties. Self-resetting thermal and self-resetting motor protection systems protect from thermal overload and wire feed overload. So you won’t need to worry about changing or resetting the circuit breaker.


  • Can be run on a 110-volt outlet, which is great for beginning welders,
  • Provides great arc performance on every thickness with a stable and smooth arc, 
  • Lightweight, 57 pounds only, 
  • Convenient polarity changing-over capacity,
  • Wire feed-out is accurate for every job even with low electricity,
  • Dual-processing capacity makes it possible to work on a variety of thicknesses and metals, 
  • A beginner can easily operate it,
  • Easy and quick equipment set-up saves time/labor.


  • You may need a cart to carry it around,
  • Ideal for small projects, independent operators, but not necessarily for big jobs.
  • You may need an additional gas cylinder for the MIG weld.

6. Hobart 500553 Handler 210 MVP MIG Welder


Hobart – 500553 Handler 210 MVP MIG Welder is a versatile wire feed welder capable of operating on either 115V or 230V input power. Welds up to 3/8 inch mild steel, spool gun ready for aluminum and is flux-cored or MIG ready. For improved arc performance, it allows fine control of the output parameters due to its 115V and 230V settings with infinite wire feed speed control. 

Dual-voltage capability with MVP (multi-voltage plug) allows connection to common 115V or 230V power receptacles without the use of any tools. A door Chart with initial settings provides a quick starting point whether you are a novice or professional. Can be able to quickly reference initial settings for different wires, gases, materials, and thicknesses. Built-in contactor keeps wire electrically “cold” until the trigger is pulled, which keeps you safe. 

The combination of features of this machine makes it suitable for small to medium-sized shops. It is part of Hobart’s tradition as a welding manufacturer and offers a one-year warranty on their powerful 210 MVP MIG Welder.


  • Simple to learn and control,
  • All metal wire feed mechanisms,
  • Infinite wire speed control,
  • Uses proven transformer technology,
  • Affordable price,
  • Toolless wire size changes,
  • Advanced electronic circuit protection,


  • Not suitable to weld thick aluminum,
  • Comparatively heavier.

7. SUNCOO 130 MIG Welder Flux Core, Automatic Feed, Little Portable Welding Machine.

When purchasing any tool, we wish to know about its durability. Stainless steel has been applied to produce the body of the SUNCOO 130 MIG Welder, which is why it is an excellent choice in terms of durability. Body painted in durable black color ensures long life by preventing rust and wear. This tool use 0.6-0.9mm Flux Core Wire, which is really convenient. It prevents oxidation of the welded parts by self-release metal-inert gas while welding.

With extra storage space, this instrument is lightweight and easy to carry. It is a perfect choice for welding normal thin steel and iron, easy to start. If you need a welder for home DIY and general repairing work, it is one of the best. Variable feed speed control system provides freedom to adjust the current flow by adjusting the 4 buttons for MIN/MAX,1/2. A wire feeding speed adjusts a rotary knob that features 10 levels of wire feeding speeds for your requirement. It has a torch with full on/off safety control.

This flux core welder machine has 2 air vents to reduce heat dissipation. SUNCOO 130 MIG Welder comes in an entirely conditioned box with a standard American triangle ground cord and automatic thermal safety protection, totally ready for welding. So you don’t need to buy anything separately to use it.


  • Comes with extra storage space,
  • Perfect for welding mild steel and iron, general repairing work,
  • 2 air vents help heat dissipation,
  • Easily adjust the current flow,
  • Wire feeding speed adjust rotary knob,
  • Can weld a max of 1kgs welding wires,
  • Made of stainless steel, durable.


  • Not suitable for prolonged use,
  • The company did not offer any warranty.

8. Mophorn 160 Amp MIG Welder 3 in 1 MIG TIG ARC Welding Machine, 110V/220V, Digital Display Combo Welding Machine.

Using this versatile 3-in-1 MIG / TIG / MMA welder, you can easily weld alloy, mild steel, stainless steel, copper, and cast iron. This 220V industrial-grade machine has IGBT inverter technology, which provides high-quality and efficient welding. As well as making the use of a portable design easier. Mophorn MIG TIG Arc Inverter Welder comes with features needed to protect against overcurrent, overvoltage, overheats, or similar problems. Mophorn 200 can work with solid wires and flux-cord wires with output current between 20 Amp to 200 Amp. Subsequent feeding speeds may vary between 2.2–12 m / min.

It is relatively easy to control the welding process using this machine. Because the operating mode can be changed through the versatile panel. The latter comes with a speed button and a separate output power dial for voltage and current to control the LCD monitor and cable feeding rate. An advanced cooling system is included in the machine to increase durability. Which ensures the protection of the machine from excess heat. 

Mophorn MIG TIG Arc Inverter Welder is a multi-process machine, ideal for achieving professional completion and will ensure stability, durability, high performance, and safety for countless jobs.


  • Versatile 3-in-1 MIG / TIG / MMA welder,
  • Portable design,
  • Protect against overcurrent, overvoltage, and overheats,
  • You can change the operating mode through the panel,
  • Built-in cooling system,
  • Best value for your money,
  • Ensures smooth welds,


  • Only support DC power,
  • Difficult to weld Aluminium.

9. Kickinghorse F130 MIG Welder UL-Certified, 120V, Best option for Beginners and Home Maintenance or Auto Repair.

Kickinghorse F130 MIG Welder is a premium quality IGBT Flux Core Welding Inverter. The device can weld precise MIG at home. Advanced built-in features are simply better than transformer welders from every context. It comes with endless possibilities of achieving pro-level results on completion. Anyone should try the Intent F130 to try the light-duty flux core welder. The welder must be able to afford his purchase to stay on a strict budget.

Highly efficient HF-IGBT inverter technology generates more current in the system, with an integrated sophisticated 40K Hz function. Safe welding operation depends on the percentage of duty cycle and minimum 15% duty cycle at F130 90 Amps. After 1.5 minutes of welding at the 90-amp output, the system will go into thermal cooldown, up to 130A of the actual amperage range of the F130. The precise design with the side-loaded spool integrates the welding work.

24-gauge mild steel can hold 8 inches of welding with optimum smoothness, with the ultimate power directly matching the maximum 130Amp output. It is very easy to transport because of its lightweight and compact design. The infinite control of this welding machine over the circuit voltage starts a smooth pressure ignition. Also, continuous fine-tuning provides more freedom in welding. The step-by-step change with the dial-out spatter allows for complete control.


  • Adjustable welding voltage for different metals,
  • Lightweight, 10 pounds only,
  • Compact design makes good-looking,
  • Save spaces,
  • Easy to set up and operate,
  • Overheat, overvoltage, and overload protection,
  • Affordable price.


  • Support DC current only,
  • Low-tech appearance.

10. Lincoln Electric K2185-1 Handy MIG Welder Perfect for welding steel up to 1/8 inch, best for beginners.


The Lincoln K2185-1 Handy MIG is a popular flux-cord/MIG welder for welding steel up to 1/8 inch. It is popular with novices because it is remarkably priced and easy to carry. The reliability and durability of this device are also appreciated by experienced welders who only need a little power. The K2185-1 MIG flux-cord machine is designed for home repair projects and mild gauge steel. It can weld from 24 gauge to 1/8 inch. It is very easy to use as it is a user-friendly device. Like other expensive devices, it has almost all the features like increased number of voltage settings or infinite wire feed speed control.

Its highest output is the Amp 88A, which makes the Handy Mig one of the lowest power output welders. It is suitable for a quality welder in a small workshop. There are 4 different voltage settings, by selecting the maximum voltage setting you can weld coarse metals. There is a chart inside the welder to show which settings should be selected based on the metal thickness. One of the best things about the Handy MiG is that it is compact and lightweight, which makes transportation easy. The machine has a stiff handle attached to the top to help you lift it and it weighs just 46 pounds, so it won’t feel too heavy to carry around your workshop.

The Lincoln K2185 provides great value for money, especially for beginner welders. It is available at a very affordable price with all the accessories. This durable machine does not break down easily. The company offers only a one-year warranty for this model, but you can feel safe considering the reputation of this brand.


  • A cold contractor safety feature,
  • Built-in cooling system,
  • Durable,
  • Comes with all accessories, 
  • Low price,
  • One year of warranty.


  • Suitable for thin metal up to 1/8 inches, 
  • Limited control panel options.


Best MIG welder: Buying Guide


Each machine has some unique features that help make the job easier. But when you want to buy a MIG Welder, there are some features that you must notice. Lack of these affects the efficiency of the machine, as well as it can waste a large amount of money. This buying guide can aid you to purchase a MIG Welder. Let us know exactly what things need to be noticed.

Welding purpose

The first thing you need to consider is what type of welding you will use your welding machine for. A machine is not usually suitable for much work, or a good quality machine that is suitable for much work can cost a lot more. So there is no need to spend too much to buy a welder if your work is of a certain kind.

MIG welding is best suited for small and relatively low volume work. Mainly manual welding is performed near factories and metal workshops where the weakness of the draft of MIG is less. When building small structures or repairing customer’s cars, speed, weld quality, and high productivity is the key. A MIG Welder can be very helpful to you in such situations.

Duty cycle

The duty cycle represents a percentage of the 10 minute time you can continuously weld before the welding machine overheats. This means that if you have a 20% duty cycle at 90 amps, it means you have 2-minute welding time before you rest for 8 minutes. Reducing the amperage will allow you to add more time without stopping.

Some units have a built-in protection system for automatic shut-off when the cycle reaches a maximum. In automated repair work, duty cycles are usually less important, as the process runs at lower amps. However, if you plan on cranking up amps and want to weld constantly, the thermal cutoffs can be a nuisance.

Power supply

Most basic MIG welders run on 115V, which has the advantage that you can install your welder at any outlet in your home. This limits your amperage. 110V and 115V welders can handle most home projects with thin metal.

For thicker metal, you need more energy. It usually comes at a higher price. For metals ½ inches thick, you need to choose a 220V welder. Here, you need to install a 220V outlet, unless you already have one. Another option is a dual voltage MIG welder, which allows you to switch easily between 110V and 220V according to the demand.

Feed speed

Another important feature is the speed of the wire feed. It is the speed of feeding the wire from the welding machine to the gun. If it is too slow, the wire will disappear as soon as it touches the metal, resulting in an ugly and uneven weld and if it is too fast, you will have too much wire and it will create a lot of spatters. Proper speed will provide constant pressure and satisfactory welding results.

Wire Selection

For steel welding, you can use one of two common wire types: ER70S-3 for all-purpose welding and ER70S-6 when more deoxidizers are needed. 0.030-inch diameter is perfect for welding a wide range of metal thicknesses. For thinner materials, if you want to reduce the heat output, you can use 0.023-inch wire. For denser materials at higher heat levels, you can extend the wire up to 0.035 inches.

Spool gun capacity

If you plan to weld aluminum with your MIG welder, you should also look for an alternative to your spool gun. Many hobby-sized welders do not have this option. Though Aluminum takes more heat than mild steel, it’s something tricky metal to weld with MIG welders. So make sure the spool song can weld aluminum.

Safety features

A good MIG welder should have all the safety features. Welding involves too hot and the machine can reach very high temperatures. A built-in heat overload system is attached to protect the welder from reaching dangerously high temperatures. So when the welder reaches the end of the duty cycle, it automatically shuts off.

It is important that the welder comes with a built-in communicator. It works by keeping the wire electrically cool and switches the power supply only when you pull the trigger.


After evaluating the performance of the welder, it is necessary to pay special attention to its portability. Especially if your space in your workshop is limited or you have to move it a lot for your work. So it is important to look at the size and weight of the product specification.

The average weight of a MIG welder is 40-50 pounds. More energy and properties are transferred to more weight. You can also find compact MIG welders that pack a punch. If you need to move the welder around often, look for a welder who has wheels.


Note what they include in the package, many companies provide all the accessories needed to be included in the package. However, you will probably need to buy a spool gun and sample wiring. If you add the cost of a welded helmet and protective clothing to it, your costs can increase significantly. So make sure all these add-ons are included in the package to match your budget.


Buying a MIG welder is a pretty enormous investment, so a good warranty is important enough. Look for products with a warranty period of at least 1 year, even better if it is 3-5 years. Most bugs and errors usually appear within the first few months. Many sellers also offer a 30-day return policy, so if you notice an error when the welder arrives, you can return it or be hassle-free.

Frequently Asked Question


Q: Which is better between a gas MIG welder and a gasless welder?

A: MIG welders are both good, but can be a wrong purchase if purchased incorrectly. Before you decide to go for a gas welder or a gas-free one, you need to know which MIG welder is suitable for your job.

Q: Is gasless MIG welding better?

A: Good welding machines without gas depend on the purpose and technique used. It provides good penetration and provides great strength.

Q: Is top-quality MIG welder always expensive?

A: No, price and value are two completely different things. It is possible for you to find the best budget welder that has all the features you are looking for. You may have noticed that we have talked about a few more Mig Welders here that have great efficiencies but are cost-effective.

Q: Can I weld aluminum with a Mig welder?

A: You can weld aluminum using a special vibrating MIG or AC TIG welding tool. You need to choose the right gas, especially 100% argon shielding gas because aluminum is a non-ferrous metal.

Q: Can I weld cast iron with a MIG welder?

A: You can weld cast iron with the help of a MIG welder with no difficulty. However, the joint may not be as strong as other adopted methods.


Last word

If you want to get the best MIG welder, it is important to make a purchase decision considering your needs and product features. We hope this MIG Welder review of top-rated products will help you find the right product for your needs. Most outstanding quality MIG welders are versatile and so they can meet different needs. So before buying a welder, scrutinize it carefully. Thanks.

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