10 Best Angle Grinder Reviews & Buying Guide

Are you looking for the best angle grinder? You might want your angle grinder to be modern and suitable for you. Because a good quality angle grinder can save both labor and time.

A good quality grinder in the hands of a professional ensures perfect and smooth work. If you are a professional and you have to use it often then a large size grinder can be convenient for you. On the other hand, if you are an amateur and use it for small work then a small-size grinder is perfect for you. It is important to determine the product according to your type of work and needs.

There are generally three types of grinders available-

  1. Corded Angle Grinder: For those who have been working in a higher setting for a long time, a corded angle grinder is required. You always have to be close to the power source to run these.
  2. Cordless Angle Grinder: Can be easily used anywhere without uninterrupted access to any power outlet. However, these are used for light work and are not recommended for all-day use.
  3. Pneumatic Angle Grinder: These are lightweight and affordable, but the quality of work is not like the others. We can only recommend this feature if you store a few more pneumatic tools in your kit, as it will help you get the most out of your compressor.

Here are some descriptions of the ‍best angle grinders. Hopefully, this will help you choose the right product.

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1. DEWALT (DWE402) Angle Grinder 4-1/2 INCH (115MM)


DEWALT (DWE402) Angle Grinder is one of the best angle grinder that has a Next Generation 11 Amp AC/DC 11,000 rpm motor, providing the best power to weight and size ratio. Dust Ejection System ensures durability by ejecting damaging dust and debris particles that enter the tool.

It’s oversized brushes, that provide 2X brush life compared to other models. Large spiral bevel gear of dewalt grinder (DWE402) Angle Grinder provides long transmission life. One-Touch Guard allows for 360-degree rotation of the guard with one action. Quick-Change Wheel Release allows tool-free wheel removal without the necessity for a wrench.

The top-mounted and guarded spindle lock button covers the maximum depth of cut without compromising durability. The newly designed side handle provides excellent ergonomics while oversized threading provides durability.

Auto-off brushes button the tool down when the brushes need replacing to avoid tool damage. Paddle switch with safety lock-off prevents accidental start-up. Matching wheel flanges allow the utilization of common accessories.

Features that impressive-

  • Next Generation 11 Amp AC/DC 11,000 RPM motor,
  • Dust Ejection System,
  • Oversized brushes,
  • The large spiral bevel gear,
  • 360-degree rotation of the guard with a single action due to One-Touch Guard system,
  • Quick-Change Wheel Release,
  • Best Dewalt Angle Grinder
  • Newly designed 2-position side handle,
  • Paddle switch with safety lock-off.


  • 11 Amp AC/DC 11,000 RPM motor.
  • 360-degree rotation of the guard with a single action.
  • Paddle switch with safety lock-off.
  • Quick-Change Wheel Release system.
  • 2-position side handle & Dust Ejection System.


  • No significant cons found but the tool is available without a sturdy carry case, just the box it comes in.

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2. Makita 9557pbx1 Angle Grinder 4-1/2 INCH (115MM), 7.5 Amp, Paddle Switch.


Makita’s 4-1/2” Cut-Off/Angle Grinder runs by 7.5 AMP power with comfort and motor-protection features that ensure longer-lasting industrial performance. It delivers 11,000 RPM, with a soft start for smooth start-ups. 

Mikita 9557PBX1 Cut-Off/Angle Grinder also features a variety of durability features including labyrinth construction which seals and protects the motor and bearings from dust and debris for extended tool life. Moreover, a protective zig-zag varnish engineered to seal the armature from dust and debris.

It is one of the best angle grinder that has an extra-large paddle switch for comfortable operation and a lock-on/off feature for continuous operation. The weight of the Mikita 9557PBX1 angle grinder is only 4.5 lbs., with a side handle that can be easily installed on either side of the tool. It supports both AC/DC switches for use with alternative power sources. This is a versatile and powerful grinder engineered for cutting, grinding, and polishing applications.

Makita 9557pbx1 is a kit that includes the Angle Grinder, 5 4-1/2” grinding wheels, metal tool case, cut-off and grinding wheel guards, as well as a Makita Diamond Blade with turbo rim engineering ensures smoother cut and finish due to constant contact with the material.

Features that impressive-

  • Powerful 7.5 AMP motor provides 11,000 RPM for higher output,
  • Comfortable small diameter barrel grip (only 2-1/2″),
  • Labyrinth construction seals for protecting the motor and bearings from dust and debris,
  • Lock-on/off feature makes continuous operation smoothly,
  • Both AC/DC switch for an alternative power source,
  • Comfortable operation due to extra-large paddle switch,
  • All-ball bearing design and metal gear housing ensures the durability of the tool,
  • Rotatable gear housing can be positioned easily every 90°.


  • Comfortable small diameter barrel grip
  • Powerful 7.5 AMP motor
  • Both AC/DC switch
  • Lock-on/of feature
  • Zig-zag varnish seals
  • Rotatable gear housing


  • Makita 9557PBX1is powerful enough for heavy-duty.
  • It feels heavy when you lift it.

3.Bosch 1375A Angle Grinder 4-1/2-Inch, 6.0 Amp, Lock-on slide switch


The Bosch 1375A Angle Grinder features a powerful 6.0 Amp motor. It produces 11,000 no-load RPM, which makes this compact grinder a powerhouse tool. It was designed for concrete contractors, vehicle fabricators, and other professionals for the compact grinder.

The Bosch 1375-A Angle Grinder has a well-designed grip. Lock-on slide switch, two-position side handles, and 11,000 no-load RPM. This workhorse can get the job done. It is well suited for metal fabrication, concrete restoration, pipe fitting, and many more.

This tool uses Service Minder Brushes to stop the grinder when preventative maintenance is required. Epoxy-coated field windings for longer tool life. The user feels comfortable with its lock-on slide switch, two-position side handle, and 3.75 Lbs. weight.

Features that impressive-

  • Delivers 11,000 no-load RPM for professional cutting and grinding applications by powerful 6.0 Amp motor,
  • Epoxy-coated field windings provide protection against abrasive dust,
  • The user feels comfortable due to the lock-on slide switch,
  • Two-position side handle ensures angled to a natural position for maximum operator comfort,
  • Only 3.75 Lbs. in weight, that’s why it is compact and lightweight,
  • Versatile 5/8 In. to 11 In. spindle works with a wide array of sizes,
  • For additional user security, it has a Burst-protection guard.


  • Epoxy-coated field windings,
  • 6.0 Amp motor delivers 11,000 no-load RPM,
  • Lock-on slide switch,
  • Two-position side handle,
  • Compact and lightweight (3.75 Lbs. only),
  • Service MinderBrush System,
  • Burst-protection guard.


  • Moving the guard and adjusting it may be a little bit tricky.
  • It is only a single-speed angle grinder.

4.KIMO 20V Brushless Cordless Angle Grinder 4-1/2 Inch, 9000RPM, Lithium-Ion Battery & Fast Charger, Electric Brake


KIMO 20V is a convenient cordless angle grinder. It is powered by a battery  for your quick job without getting extension cords out. Its efficient brushless motor has a lot of standout features. The best quality copper and premium magnet make the operation become more stable and smoother. Many professionals and DIYers start using brushless motors to enjoy the 53.5% longer runtime and much more efficient experience.

KIMO 20V cordless angle grinder provides the maximum speed of 9000 RPM. It is capable like the corded one for most of the project. The upgraded copper motor makes this tool a reliable alternative. Its small-waist design with rubberized grip is much more comfortable in any position.

Optimized batteries make KIMO 20V the most durable one. It provides 1000 charge cycles and 33% extra capacity compared to the standard pack. This tool comes with a rapid charging system, and takes only 60 minutes to fully charge.

Features that impressive-

  • The optimized cooling system maintains the temperature at 47 degrees,
  • Metal protective wheel guard,
  • 1000-charge cycle,
  • 33% extra battery capacity,
  • Support fast charging that requires only 60 minutes for the full charge,
  • 2-position handle provides optimal control and comforts,
  • User-friendly small-waist design with a rubberized grip,
  • High-strength gears support grinding jobs.


  • Optimized cooling system,
  • Metal Protective wheel guard,
  • 1000-charge cycle,
  • Fast charging, 60 minutes for a full charge,
  • Small-waist body design with a rubberized grip,
  • High-strength gears support.


  • You have to purchase cutting-wheel separately,
  • On/off switches may feel sometimes sticks slightly.

5.Milwaukee 2485-20 M12 Right Angle Die Grinder ¼ INCH, Fuel powered, Cordless.


Milwaukee 2485-20 M12 FUEL the best die grinder that is the first cordless right angle die grinder. It delivers the performance and size that is demanded by professional service mechanics. This die grinder tool delivers 20% extra power compared to pneumatic tools. 

Milwaukee 2485-20 M12 cordless die grinder provides up to .3 HP performance that is best-in-class size to help fit in tight places. So offers you greater mobility and access.

It has 4-Model speed control features. This responsive variable-speed trigger gives you the best control and convenient work.

Features that impressive-

  • More powerful that delivers 20% extra power compared to pneumatic tools.
  • Adjustable RPM can ensure safer operation.
  • Variable speed trigger is helpful for different types of work.
  • Requires no air hoses, compressors, or daily maintenance. 
  • Cost-effective compared to pneumatic tools. 
  • Its compact tool size allows access in tight spaces.


  • 20% more powerful compared to pneumatic tools,
  • 0.3 HP motor output,
  • 4-Model speed control,
  • Brushless motor technology,
  • The available part of the M12 system.


  • No significant cons were found.

6.Makita XAG04Z 18V LXT Angle Grinder Lithium-Ion,  Brushless, Cordless,  4-1/2 INCH.

Makita XAG04Z 18V LXT angle grinder is a cordless tool, but performs the same as a corded one. This tool is powered by a Mikita brushless motor for longer run time, more power and speed, and longer durability. Automatic speed change technology adjusts speed and torque automatically. Makita XAG04Z 18V LXT angle grinder is ideal for grinding, cutting and sanding a wide range of materials including tile, pipe, conduit, pipe and many more. 

This tool is powered by 18V Lithium-ion slide-style batteries, the world’s largest cordless tool system. The batteries support fastest charge times in their categories. That’s why it spends more time working and less time sitting on the charger.

Star protection computer controls- that are created by Makita for better tool performance and extended battery life. The tool can also be powered by Makita 18V LXT and Compact Lithium-ion batteries for increased versatility. 

Features that impressive-

  • Speed and torque are adjusted automatically by automatic speed change technology,
  • The motor is turned off by Active Feedback sensing Technology (AFT)  if the rotation of the wheel suddenly stops,
  •  Carbon brushes, the Brushless Motor eliminates, enabling the motor to run cooler more efficiently,
  • The electronically controlled brushless motor is optimized for battery energy use for up to 50% longer run-time per charge,
  • The electronically-controlled Brushless Motor uses energy effectively to match torque and RPM to the changing demands of the appliance,
  • Compact design, only 14-1/4″ long,
  • Weighs only 5.6 lbs. with battery for reduced operator fatigue,
  • Rubberized soft grip provides increased comfort on the work,
  • Slide switch with lock-on for operator convenience,
  • 3-stage L.E.D. the gauge indicates battery charge level,
  • Start-up reaction is suppressed by soft start  for smooth start-ups and longer gear life,
  • For smoother rotations, spiral bevel gears are the more efficient transfer of energy,
  • Anti-restart protection engineered to stop motor begin when the battery is inserted with switch locked on,
  • Efficient internal cooling is engineered for optimum performance,
  • overloading, over-discharging, and overheating is equipped with Star Protection Computer Controls,
  • Charger with built-in fan features for faster, and more efficient charging of the battery,
  • The best technology delivers category-leading charge time therefore the battery spends longer working and lesser time sitting on the charger,
  • Provides improved dust and water resistance by Extreme Protection Technology (XPT) for operation in harsh conditions.


  • Automatic Speed Changing Technology,
  • Active Feedback sensing Technology (AFT),
  • 50% longer run-time per charge,
  • Compact design, only 14-1/4″ long,
  • Weighs only 5.6 lbs. with battery,
  • 3-stage L.E.D. the gauge indicates battery charge level,
  • The battery spends longer working and lesser time sitting on the charger,
  • Extreme Protection Technology (XPT) for operation in harsh conditions.


  • Unfortunately, variable speed tasks are not possible due to fixed-speed,
  • Design of the switch could be better.

7.DEWALT 20V MAX (DCG412B) Angle Grinder 4-1/2-Inch (115 mm), Paddle Switch with Brake.


DEWALT 20V MAX (DCG412B) angle grinder can easily handle multiple works. It is ideal for materials including concrete grinding and solid wood cutting. Powerful low-vibrating motor emitting 9000 RPM at zero loads and a maximum battery capacity of 20V. 

Its brushless motor requires no brush changes. It has a lot of safety mechanisms. Its braking system stops the wheel in 2 seconds or less on average. Features E-Switch Protection works when the ON/OFF trigger switch has a no-volt release function. But in case of an unexpected shutdown, the trigger switch will need to be cycled to restart the tool.

DEWALT 20V MAX (DCG412B) angle grinder has a comfortable handle with perfect diameter, fits almost any hand. A Guard ring is also available on the handle to prevent injury from the disc or flying dust or debris.

Features that impressive-

  • 8,000 rpm motor provides optimum power for cutting and grinding applications,
  • Tool-free wheel removal without the need for a wrench by Quick-Change Wheel Release,
  • Tool-free guard ensures for quick and easy guard adjustments or positioning,
  • Convenient activation and easier gripping due to 2-finger trigger switch with lock-off button
  • Greater control, comfort, and versatility for a 2-position side handle.


  • Maintenance-free and high torque magnet-equipped motor,
  • The motor makes a very light noise,
  • Less user fatigue due to good ergonomics and compact size,
  • 2-finger trigger switch with lock-off button,
  • 2-position side handle,
  • Quick-Change Wheel Release.


  • Immediate recharging isn’t possible due to battery gets hot upon usage,
  • The safety trigger seems a bit stiff and isn’t always handy to push back. 

8.BLACK+DECKER Angle Grinder (BDEG400) 4-1/2-Inch, 6 Amp, Spindle Lock

In a workshop, there are a lot of rough components and activities that might affect the life of your tools. The Black & Decker BDEG400 grinder is protected by a metal gear case that protects from exterior damaging factors. This metal gear case also ensures the durability of the tool, so that it can serve you longer. This grinder can live longer compared to the most available grinders of the same price range.

The Black & Decker BDEG400 is one of the best angle grinders that is much comfortable. Three-position side handles can add comfort and better control. You don’t even feel the fatigue due to constant grinding and cutting using this angle grinder.

For easy accessory changes, Black & Decker BDEG400 has a spindle lock. The lock provides the ease of use quality of the grinder. You can simply use the button to change any necessary accessory to continue using your grinder. A spindle lock improves the handling of your grinder. 

The switch is placed strategically to aid the shutoff of the grinder. With the one-touch release switch, it can be shut grinder easily, and the process is faster. In general, it makes work a lot easier also.

Features that impressive-

  • Metal gear case protection provides durability and longer life,
  • Due to the 3 Position side handle, it is more comfortable and controllable, 
  • Easy accessory changes for the spindle lock,
  • One-touch release switch for faster shutoff,
  • Comfortable grip due to the narrow body,
  • Beautiful design and lightweight.


  • Metal gear case protection,
  • 3 Position side handle,
  • spindle lock system,
  • One-touch release switch,
  • Comfortable grip,
  • Lightweight.


  • In some rare cases, it is difficult to turn off the switch,
  • There is no variable speed.

9.DEWALT (D28499X) Angle Grinder 7-INCH/9-INCH, 5.3-HP


The Dewalt D28499X (7-inch/9-inch) angle grinder tool is the best angle grinder for tackling heavy-duty cutting and finishing tasks. It is large and also exceptionally durable.

The epoxy-coated armature of the Dewalt D28499X protects the interior components from dust and debris, ensuring a longer lifespan in the workshop. Its 5.3 HP motor can provide a maximum of 6,000 RPM speed.

Generally, powerful machines are known for being uncomfortable, but the Dewalt D28499X is an exception. Its rotating rear handle and keyless adjustable guard make using this tool easy and comfortable.

The Dewalt D28499X is designed for heavy-duty use and higher operating speeds. A keyless adjustable guard provides guard adjustments without the need for other tools. Epoxy coated field and armature assure for long-time use. It can also be protected from the friction of airborne debris.

The rear handle of the Dewalt D28499X can be rotated. When needed to change the brush automatic turn-off brush shutting down the tool, avoid damage in the long run.

Features that impressive-

  • High power 5.3 HP motor provides higher operating speeds under load due to overload protection features,
  • The epoxy-coated motor provides long service life against abrasion from airborne debris,
  • 6,000 RPM provides optimal material removal by 9″ grinding wheels,
  • Increased durability and life in hot and cold climates for 2 wire double insulated ‘S’ jacket rubber cord,
  • Rotating rear handle ensures improved ergonomics in cutting and grinding,
  • work in tight areas due to low profile gear case,
  • Guard adjustments to be made without tools by the keyless adjustable guard,
  • 5 position side handle ensures improved ergonomics for specific applications,
  • Provides increased productivity in extended use as it is lightweight.


  • High power 5.3 HP and epoxy-coated motor,
  • 6,000 RPM speed,
  • 2 wire double insulated ‘S’ jacket rubber cord,
  • Rotating rear handle,
  • Low profile gear case,
  • 5 position side handle.


  • No significant cons are found but there is a lack of accessories for this angle grinder.

10.Makita XAG20Z 18V LXT Angle Grinder 4-1/2”/ 5″, Paddle Switch, Lithium-Ion, Brushless, Cordless


Makita XAG20Z 18V LXT angle grinder is cordless but performs like a corded one with an electric brake. Powered by a Makita brushless motor, ensures long run time, excessive power and speed, longer tool life. Makita’s exclusive Automatic Speed Change technology adjusts speed and torque automatically during operation. This tool is ideal for grinding and cutting a wide range of materials including pipe, tile, concrete, and many more.

An electric brake stops the grinding wheel within 2 seconds or less time period. If rotation speed suddenly slows or the wheel is forced to stop Electronic Torque Control turns the motor off. Manual RPM adjustment (3,000 – 8,500) by the variable speed control dial allows the user to match the speed. The fastest charge times of Makita 18V Lithium-Ion batteries ensure spending more time working and less time sitting on the charger.

Star Protection Computer Controls created by Makita for improved tool performance and extended battery life. The tool can also be powered by Makita 18V LXT and Compact Lithium-Ion batteries and ensure increased versatility.

Features that impressive-

  • Electric Brake stops the grinding wheel within 2 seconds or less time period for maximum productivity,
  • If the rotation of the wheel is suddenly forced to stop Active Feedback sensing Technology (AFT) turned the motor off,
  • Adjusts speed and torque by Automatic Speed Change technology  during operation for optimum performance,
  • Manual RPM adjustment (3,000-8,500) to match the speed by variable speed control dial,
  • Paddle switch with no lock-on features ensures operator convenience,
  • Suppresses start-up reaction for smooth start-ups by soft start, provides longer gear life,
  • Brushless Motor efficiently uses energy by the electronically-controlled BL to match torque and RPM,
  • Battery charge level indicated by 3-stage L.E.D. gauge,
  • For improved dust and water resistance for operation in harsh conditions, Extreme Protection Technology (XPT) is created. 
  • Only 15″ long, so it is compact and ergonomic design, 
  • Weighs only 5.7 lbs. with a battery that reduces operator fatigue,
  • To protect against overloading, over-discharging and overheating, equipped with Star Protection Computer Controls, 
  • The fastest charge times of Makita 18V Lithium-Ion batteries ensure spending more time working and less time sitting on the charger.


  • Active Feedback sensing Technology (AFT),
  • Automatic Speed Change technology  during operation,
  • Electronically-controlled BL to match torque and RPM,
  • Only 15″ long, so it is compact and ergonomic,
  • The fastest charge times of Makita 18V Lithium-Ion batteries,


  • Weighs 5.7 lbs, so it is not the lightest cordless angle grinder available in the market.

Guide to Find Out the Best Angle Grinder


To find the right angle grinder, you need to know some key factors, these are-


RPM (Revolutions Per Minute) is the metric by which to indicate the power and performance of a grinder. The higher the RPM, the more likely it is to perform successfully. Much faster RPM is required for cutting application than scoring, sharpening, and polishing.

However, sufficient experience is required to manage ‍angle grinders with higher RPM. If not used properly, it can damage the workpiece. For that reason, the variable speed of an angle grinder is much appreciated. This type of angle grinder is convenient for both professionals and amateurs, as it has the advantage of adjusting the RPM according to the type of work.

Disc Size

Angle grinder discs typically range from four inches to nine inches. Smaller disks are ideal for precision, while larger disks are used for more demanding work. Professionals usually keep disks of all sizes in their collections for use according to the variety of work.

Disc Guard

An angle grinder must have a disc guard. In some cases, you may think that the disk guard is interfering with your workflow, but working without it is a very big threat to protection.

The standard angle grinder has adjustable disc guards, which can be adjusted and locked on as needed. This feature ensures workflow as well as the safety of the operator.

Disc Brake

Disc brakes are another essential safety feature that must be used in an angle grinder. Disc brakes slow down or stop the disc when the grinder switch is turned off. Otherwise, the disk will continue to rotate at a higher speed until the rotation stops automatically. That can cause such damage to the tool, as well as accidents.

Dust Sealing

Dust generated during the use of an angle grinder can enter the equipment and affect its work. So the ideal angle grinder added dust sealing feature. Which prevents dust from entering sensitive parts of the device. The resulting tool works smoothly and can be used for a long time.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How do I choose the right angle grinder for me?

Here we discussed the ten best angle grinders. Most of it is best in its own right. What kind of angle grinder you choose depends on the type of work you do. If you have trouble deciding, think first about what you will use it for. Then read the whole article carefully. Hopefully, this article will help you decide.

What is Angle Grinder used for?

Usually, angle grinders are used for different types of fabrication and modification jobs like cutting, scoring, grinding, sharpening, polishing, deburring and finishing, etc.

Why an angle grinder Kickback? How to prevent it?

Kickback can happen when the angle grinder grabs jams on the material during cutting. Most likely it happens for using the wrong wheel or wrong cutting speed. This can often lead to major accidents.

Kickback may stop easily by setting the right speed, making sure you are using the correct wheel for specific material. You should have proper knowledge about mounting wheels and change wheels when they become worn.

Can angle grinder’s spark be dangerous?

While the Angle Grinder spark is a concern for beginners, it is not too dangerous. Sparks may cause potential damage when working with metal. Sparks arising from metal cutting tend to be sharp and molten soft, although this is not a major threat. Make sure that sensitive parts of your body like face, neck, etc. are not exposed while doing this type of work.

Can Angle Grinder Cut Concrete and Steel?

Almost all angle grinders have enough power to cut concrete, usually using a diamond saw blade. It is recommended to use plenty of water when cutting concrete, otherwise the blade may overheat and break.

An angle grinder with the right disc is ideal for cutting steel. You can cut virtually all types of metal by using an abrasive metal-cutting disc. An alternative option is a diamond blade, rated to tear into metal. 


Not all angle grinders are created equal and each has some differences. You need to choose the best angle grinder for you according to your needs and working method. Thanks.

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