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This axe is imported from the USA. It is an excellent outdoor axe . We have added this axe to our recommendation list due to its unique craftsmanship and amazing features. This axe is lighted weighted, making it a good choice for beginners, and offers secure and comfortable usage. The axe has a more extended handle made of American hickory, making it comfortable to carry and easy to use for beginners. The blade of this axe holds a good sharpness. It is hand-forged Swedish carbon, particularly amalgamated steel with an HRC57 edge solidity.

This axe comes with a leather sheath. Also, It is not heavy, so it is suitable for beginners and serious small works. It has a high-grade hickory handle. The product holds a good warranty.

Husqvarna 13.5 in. Steel Hatchet with Fiberglass Handle


Husqvarna 13.5 in. Steel Hatchet with Fiberglass HandleThis axe is specially made for wood carpentry. It is perfect for garden work, hiking, or any outdoor activities. The best part of this axe is that it has secure handling whenever it is used. It is among the best bushcraft hatchet in the market.

Best Features :

  • HANDLE: This axe’s handle is ideal for more accessible and good swings as it holds superior head weight distribution. 
  • HEAD: The head of this axe does not have a sticky coating which offers a reduced amount of friction and stress-free entry into the wood
  • BLADE: The axe has a Swedish steel-built edge which holds a reputable name in the market.
  • WEIGHT:  It holds a weight of 2.1 pounds which is fine for any axmen.


  • The axe was created by a well-respected Swedish axe producer.
  • Easy-grip and safe handling
  •  It has a rigid construction and has quality construction.
  •  You can use it with a single handle in case you have a fine grip.
  • It is affordable and worthy of purchase.


  • The only con of this axe is it becomes dull within few days. To gain good use of this hatchet, you have to sharp it after every few days. 

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Why You Buy This Axe?

The manufacturer of this axe enjoys a good name in the market for their axes. This axe gives excellent results. It is a must-buy product as it a good choice for beginners and holds a good warranty. It is durable and must be recommended to those who are looking for an axe for general purposes.

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